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[EnergyPlus_Support] Shading:Detached/ COMIS

Hello, everyone:

Thank you very much.
I have two questions:
(now, I am doing a simulation discussing about any possible factors of
surrounging environment (e.g trees or surrounding buildings) that
might influence the temperature of wall. So far, I just found two, as
you can see below. Is there other parameter I ignored??)

First is about the object of Surface:Surface:Detached. In my thinking,
I supposed that it will influence the temperature of  wall (outside
and therefore inside), am I right? 
But after I input all the parameter in the object including 
User Supplied Surface Name, TransSchedShadowSurf, Number of Surface
Vertice Groups and coordinate. The simulation result was the same with
the one before that I didn't input the parameters in the
Surface:Detached object. Is there something wrong?
Two is about COMIS object:
Again, I want to simulate the effect of surrounding wind on the
temperature of wall. So, I omitted the parts of Crack and Opening. Is
that OK? In the COMIS surface Data,I was asked to input the COMIS Air
Flow Crack or Opening Type, Otherwise a severe error message showed.
If you have any simple example  talking about the COMIS, could you
please send me a e-mail??

Thank you very much.


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