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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] opening on the horizontal suface

This discussion of horizontal openings is taken from the revised 
COMIS documentation for EnergyPlus v1.0.2 (to be released soon):

COMIS assumes that open windows or doors are vertical or close to 
vertical; for this reason they are also called "Large Vertical 
Openings." Such openings can have air flow moving simultaneously in 
two different directions depending on stack effects and wind 
conditions (for example, flow from inside to outside at the top of a 
window and from outside to inside at the bottom). COMIS models such 
two-directional flow, but only for vertical openings.  

COMIS does not have a model for two-way flow through large horizontal 
openings. For this reason, COMIS Air Flow:Opening should not be used 
for horizontal openings. The best you can do in this case is to put a 
COMIS Air Flow:Crack in a horizontal surface and use a large air mass 
flow coefficient and/or a large crack length. However, crack flow is 
assumed to be uni-directional in any given time step (but can reverse 
flow direction from time step to time step).  

On 20 Jul 2002, at 17:17, Xu-Lei wrote:

> Hi,
> As the COMIS model can deal with the LVO, but if the opening is on the
> horizontal surface, which means this opening is not a window or a door, just
> like an air inet or outlet. How to do with this case?
> Thanks in advance.
> -------------------------------------
> Lei Xu
> Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

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