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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Ground Temperatures on weather file

At 11:10 AM 1/7/2003, TangoJim wrote:

>There seems to be three sets of ground temperatures
>listed on each of the weather files with five
>parameters (?) used to generated these ground
If you look at the stats file from a conversion, things are a little clearer:

  - Monthly Calculated "undisturbed" Ground Temperatures °C
                 Jan     Feb     Mar     Apr     May     Jun     Jul 
Aug     Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec
m            0.9    -0.1     2.0     6.7    12.9    18.8    22.8    24.0 
21.8    17.0    10.8     5.0
m           4.9     3.1     3.5     6.2    10.4    15.1    18.9    20.8 
20.3    17.6    13.3     8.7
m           8.2     6.3     5.9     7.0     9.5    12.7    15.6    17.6 
18.0    16.8    14.3    11.1

Sorry, it probably wraps.  Even clearer is a CSV rendition:

Number of Ground Temperature Depths,Ground Temperature Depth {m},Soil 
Conductivity {W/m-K},Soil Density {kg/m3},Soil Specific Heat {J/kg-K},Jan 
{C},Feb{C},Mar {C},Apr {C},May {C},Jun {C},Jul {C},Aug {C},Sep {C},Oct 
{C},Nov {C},Dec {C},<repeat to Number of temperature depths>

Lacking a specified soil diffusivity for the particular location, the 
default is used:

  -- Ground temps produced with a standard soil diffusivity of 
2.3225760E-03 {m**2/day}

(Not the same location in both examples)

The auxiliary programs document and descriptions of the Weather "IDD" 
format also describe each field that is listed on the EPW and CSV 
files.  CSV file is easier to read as it also includes this information in 
the line preceding.  The algorithm used is adapted from that used in the 
DOE-2 Weather Processor.


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