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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Simulation aborted

At 10:49 AM 2/3/2003, Franz Muller wrote:
>I have uploaded a file into files folder named HVAC_01.idf. It's quite a
>simple AC-system, passes all nodes and branches quite well, starts the
>simulation engine and then aborts. Fortran error is called type 73 - so 
>division by
>zerro. I'm not sure how to get ride off the problem. Maybe anybody of you have
>similar problems and can help me.

I can tell you what is happening but I can't tell you the resolution yet.
WARNING (Technical details follow)

The error occurs in psych routine SATUTH because its enthalpy argument 
being passed is
zero, which causes a divide by zero error.  For the Vienna weather file, it 
occurs on (month 1, day 11, hour 11), but the same problem is observed 
regardless of weather file used.

The enthalpy is set to zero because Secondary Output Humidity Ratio (which 
is set equal to
Secondary Input Humidity Ratio) is equal to zero. From the input deck, it 
looks like heat
exchanger secondary inlet node is connected to the zone exhaust 
node.  Obviously air humidity ratio
should never be equal to zero..........and then the problem cascades from 

So, we are working on the problem.  But no clear path into or out of the 
problem yet.


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