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Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Re: Warning messages for running 3zvent.idf

At 11:24 PM 3/26/2003, waspoorboy wrote:

>Thanks Mike.
>For the "orphan objects" warnings in the 3zvent run,
>does it indicate that CROSS MIXING and INFILTRATION
>are Not used in EnergyPlus whenever COMIS is involved ?
>[In other words, if "AIRFLOW MODEL, COMIS;" is stated
>in .idf, the CROSS MIXING and INFILTRATION module in
>EnergyPlus is turned off ?]

COMIS has its own model for Infiltration and does not use the Infiltration 
statement.  Nor does it use Cross Mixing.

>The above also applies to VENTILATION and MIXING objects,
>since those four are "grouped", is it correct ?

I am not sure about the Mixing object.  the COMIS AirFlow model would not 
use the Ventilation parameters because, again, it has its own parameters 
for specifying the natural ventilation into the building.

With the proper inputs to COMIS, you will get values calculated by COMIS in 
the Mixing and Infiltration reporting.  The ventilation model was put in 
after the COMIS implementation so I doubt that COMIS fills those variables 
with its approrpriately calculated one but it might.

A good description of the COMIS model is contained in the 
OutputDetailsAndExamples document.  It goes through each COMIS object and 
shows how those work.


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