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[EnergyPlus_Support] Roof Top Units (RTUs)

Thanking you in advance for any assistance

I am a newbie having difficulty finding roof top unit models to use in E+.
I need to model RTUS (for example Lennox and Carrier) and MTUs (for example
Engineer Air) and electrical loads and sophisticated control systems for
existing buildings.

I want to study existing buildings and reduce energy consumption by
improving operations.
Most of the buildings I am interested in have gas fired roof top units (RTU)
and make up air units (MAU).
They are commercial and industrial buildings.
They have extensive electrical loads, and at least one has replaced lamps
with new high efficiency versions, thereby increasing gas consumption.
I want to find out the overall ROI from changing lamps in this case.

How can I have reviewed all the example files and find out which example
files offer a reasonable starting place for me to begin this RTU/MAU
In particular, how can I find RTU and MTU examples?  Do I have to make them
from scratch?

How could I have found them myself and not have bothered all of you?

Thanks for any comments

Ian Campbell

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