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[EnergyPlus_Support] Thermal Comfort

 Dear all,

I'm doing research on thermal comfort of the building, and use 
EnergyPlus software for simulation.

My model just use natural ventilation. and I run simulation just for 
one day. and I get results for thermal sensation scale.
I'm using 6 timestep in hour. From the scale of thermal sensation I 
get a big fluctuation for scale in one hour, and it happen for all 
hours. it's possible? and I know I don't make a change in that hour 
for the shedule, because from schedule we just change in hour, that's 

And from manual I read that most thermal comfort prediction models 
use seven or nine point thermal sensation scale, with range 
-3..+3/-4..+4. I read Fanger comfort model use seven point thermal 
sensation scale, what about Pierce Two node model and KSU two node 
model. And from simulation I can get for thermal sensation scale, 
Fanger, Pierce and KSU, out of that range? I get 10, 12, ... or more 
for thermal sensaion scale. Why did it can happen?

Thank you for your attention, and I do hope for reply in the future 


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