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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] AirLoopHVAC has no air flow workaround?

Hi Miroslav,

This error is occurring during sizing of the air handler, not operation.  You need the sizing results to not come out zero. Probably want to schedule some loads to be ?on? and/or disable whatever indirect conditioning is taking all the load during design day types.  Schedules can be setup to define different things to happen for the day types called WinterDesignDay and SummerDesignDay.


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Hello James,

All the zones connected to this air loop have no loads. They are all indirectly conditioned.
I think that if I use normal setpoints with always off availability, it will result in hours with unmet setpoints.

On 6.12.2012 01:39, Jim Dirkes wrote:


> Miroslav,

> I?m guessing that this is the only air loop?  I have modeled other buildings where one or another zone had zero load, but always at least one zone had load ? with no fatal errors.

> How about using normal setpoints and making the availability always OFF?
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