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RE: [EnergyPlus_Support] Annual Peak cooling variable ?

Hi, Jeremiah

I do not think that I need to continue with this topic with you.

> "First I must mention that the adjacency of the surfaces with PCM are external-"


There is no wall or ceiling  in your building that is internal.  Floor is also to ground. The PCM layer is insulated from the exterior, as is in the inner layer next to the dry wall.  Is this the best way to add the PCM?

I know what is EPlus, and how .rvi etc are to be used.  I know what is in the SQL script.  All the data in the ESO are in there.

I do not run simulation like you do and am not interested in the common .csv, unless it has some meaningful results.

> I have a generic value of $2000 per Ton for chiller provided to me by a user and research, for projects the number changes - what is useful is to be able to use a number, as I have no problem getting the bid price for actual systems or using generic figures for generic models.

I already mentioned that.  Call a tender to get all you want.  Why bother to add it to the simulation which is mainly for the building and not for the equipment.  Eplus is not designed for material research, either.  But it is a good tool to provide a controlled environment to test the material when used as a building material.  May be you do not know how to this.  I am not willing to discuss with you on this topic.

The generric cost  number does not mean anything.  It varies from place to place and does not hold for the different configuration of the same equipment type.  .  The number you quoted in you example for the DX coil is well to high.  $5,700 for a 1000w coil.  $5.7 for 1kW is too low.

If yu think they should be included, go ahead.  I do not care about the cost output in the EPlus, as they do not apply to my county.

Go ahead and do what you want and ask what you want.  You are the bioPCM expert, and I do not think I would use the biostix your way. 

In fact, I am not really interested in HVAC system  for general use.  Only special buildings with special  application requirement would need customed HVAC.  Comfort is not one of the requirements.

 Dr. Li  

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Subject: Re: [EnergyPlus_Support] Annual Peak cooling variable ?

Dr. Li, 
This is fun- you make me really work to make my point-thanks---  I guess I should have mentioned that I am useing jE+ as it provides the ability to populate values from E+ variables- (more on this below)
* My bullet point comment on your other comments-
Ice has the heat  storage and release effect at 0°C. 
* This exzample model uses BioPCM with a melting temp or Q value of 27c for the roof and 25c for the external wall.
 Because the values are already in the ..zSz.csv file, which is smaller and easier to extract.  So, why making the live more difficult. If you have the parametric file name set up in a list, a loop can open the  zSz.csv, go to the last line - 2 and pick out the values, and append them to a new file in the format of your choice. The peak values are automatically generated in the sizing file and no .RVI file is needed.  The normal .csv file would only accept a single value data for each column.  Therefore, the peak value cannot be sent there.  You can ask the developer to change the averaged value to peak, then will also show automaatically in a annual listing.  May be be both as two single field data.